Quickest Way to Quiet the Mind

a001h3o180dreamstimemedium_23658356The quickest way to quiet the mind is to start developing an awareness of what you are thinking. This will also give you all sorts of insights into what you believe and why life unfolds in front of you the way it does. We long for a quiet mind because it is an indication of our level of inner peace.

You do not have to meditate. Meditating is a wonderful way of spending focused time on quieting your mind. It is not essential. There are many paths to a quiet mind.

The Mind is a Storehouse of Information
When you start becoming aware of your thoughts you discover what you are telling yourself. Sometimes that is not real helpful because what we think we know probably doesn’t apply to the current situation. We have stored in our mind everything that we ever saw, heard, felt, and done. We have stories we can tell about all sorts of things. Those stories are colored by our perception at the moment that we perceived them. They may not apply to the current situation.

Whenever we are faced with a challenge or problem, we start searching our mind for the answer to that challenge or problem. The more challenging the issue, the more we struggle to figure it out. When we are getting the same answers over and over again and those answers don’t solve the problem, we experience frustration and stress. The more frustrated and stressed we become the bigger the problem becomes.

Sleep On It
As a last resort we set aside the problem and go do something else. While our mind is distracted the solution to our perceived problem suddenly surfaces as the perfect solution. Or we decide to “Sleep on it.” When we awaken in the morning, we have the answer that we are looking for. We know what the answer is without having to figure it out or search our mind for it. We just know.

Question What You Are Thinking
faqAccording to various sources, we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Are those thoughts helpful and supportive thoughts? Yes, they are. Those thoughts, conscious or unconscious, are supporting your experience in the moment.

Areas in your life that you would like a different experience with, require you to have an awareness of what you are basing your current experience on. So if you are having thoughts of “not enough” such as not pretty enough, not enough money, not enough time, etc… the list goes on. Listen to the words that you put to your thoughts. That will be the basic theme running through your life.

Catching Your Thoughts
Catching your thoughts as you are thinking them and questioning if those thoughts are serving you for the good will quiet your mind very quickly. Instead of latching on to thoughts and running with them, you will begin to let them go as quickly as you think of them. You don’t have to believe everything you think. Practicing a growing awareness of what you think will help to quiet the mind. A quiet mind has more access to solutions, opportunities, and ultimately inner peace.