Prayers for Peace: Peace Starts at Home

There was a bubble of discontent in my own inner peace. I wanted all others to experience the sense of security in inner peace that I was feeling. I was not sure how to do that.

When I started Prayers for Peace on January 10, 2013, the first prayer was for my cat, Rio, who was mysteriously paralyzed. I had no cash to take him to the veterinarian. I felt helpless. What I could do was pray for him. So I did. I prayed for him to be happy. I prayed for him to have peace. I prayed for him to feel loved. He got

I felt moved to continue the prayers that supported Rio, for others in my life and embarked on the journey of 10,000 Prayers for Peace for others so that they may perhaps feel even a moment of Love, Peace, and Happiness. It was easy at first to include each of the pets in my life, family and friends, and co-workers. Then those in the area where I live and where I have lived, those I knew from the past and those experiencing challenge and hardship. There is no shortage in the news of those facing turmoil and strife. The prayers quickly spread to include those in surrounding towns.

As I continued with the prayers daily, my own sense of peace and happiness increased. Even as my dear Rio fell ill again and even with excellent care at our veterinarians, he passed out of this life, I maintained a sense of peace around the event. Rio gave me the opportunity to experience a level of peace that I had previously been unaware of. I could be sad for his leaving and happy for his having been a part of my life at the same time. Happy rapidly outweighed sad. It was easier to remember the love shared in my experience with Rio than any sadness related to his departure. I treasure the additional few months that he spent with us.

In this experience I realized, peace arises not from outside one’s self. Peace arises from within. Inner peace resides within. It arises when we allow it to arise. It is an energy, that when allowed to expand, creates a bubble of contentment and security that is unshakeable. It provides a space of allowing others to experience their own journey. My own sense of inner peace has grown deeper, transforming past experiences from darkness to light.

Peace starts at home with each and every one of us. It is not something that comes to us under specific conditions. Peace cannot be purchased. It already resides within us beside the chaos and the turmoil. We only need to take a moment and allow that sense of inner peace to arise within ourselves. In that space of peace, we create a space of peace for ourselves. In that space of peace, we can share peace with others. In that space of peace, inner peace expands.

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