Prayers for Peace Journey

At the beginning of 2013 I started praying for others when our beloved cat Rio was very ill. I hoped that my prayers for him and others would somehow give him a path to healing. I was very afraid of losing him. So I prayed for Love, peace, happiness and healing for Rio and everyone else I could think of. Rio died anyway. His transition into spirit set me on a path I may never have embarked upon.

Inside of me I found something to connect to that was greater than myself. I set a goal of saying 10,000 prayers for peace for others for the year. Could I pray for others every day for a year? During that year, some days seemed like a challenge to find someone to pray for. That may seem odd when there are 7 billion plus people living on the planet. The news is filled with struggle and heartache daily. The idea revealed itself to me to pray for the inhabitants of the towns and cities of this world.  I completed my original goal and started the next year with the intention of completing 20,000 prayers for peace for others.

During 2014, the exact words of the prayer shifted from regular love, peace, & happiness to divine Love, Peace, & Happiness. I found solace in connecting with how those words felt within me. The daily prayers evolved into more of a meditation that continued throughout my day. Even when I felt that parts of my life were so stuck and there was no way for me to get going with anything in life, I continued the prayers. They were in fact the only thing I could actively do with consistency. I completed my original goal for the year and started the next year with the intention of completing 30,000 prayers for peace for others.

As we approach the end of 2015, I am on track to complete my original goal for the year. The prayer has again shifted slightly to include the energy of the areas that I am praying for. At some point I started including myself in those prayers. I discovered that loving myself for who I am is an important aspect of my life and the lives of those who connect with my life and I with theirs.

I have changed through praying for others. I feel more connected with the world around me and more connected with myself. Love, peace, and happiness are expanding in my own life and the life of those I connect with.

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