Peace of Mind Guaranteed

You’re driving home. Traffic is slow. Cars cutting in front of you – without using their signal lights.  You jam on your brakes to avoid rear-ending the car in front of you. Finally, your pull into the driveway glad to be home. You walk in the door. The dogs are barking and the phone is ringing. You are immediately informed that you need to fix the washer. What’s wrong with the washer? It won’t spin and has been sitting full of wet soapy towels all day. Typical day?

We have the ability to control how we think and feel about everything in our life. The things that we are presented with during the day are a reflection of who we are and how we handle those things. Everything that happens to us gives us the opportunity to respond in a better way. It is easy to get overloaded with everyday chaos. These five things can help you learn to bring a sense of peace and well-being to any situation.

1.  One event during the day does not have to set the tone for the rest of the day. Life is a series of events. One thing can make us happy and another can make us sad. What do you want to hang on to? The car cutting you off in heavy traffic? Rather than express frustration toward other drivers, be grateful that you avoided an accident and let it go. You will surprised that when you do not hang onto a stressful drive to and from work, the drive to and from work will become less stressful.

2.  Say Hi and smile first.  A friendly greeting starts any situation on a positive note. When you walk in the door, say “Hi” first, pat the dog, let the answering machine pick up the phone. Make a rule that everything “bad” that happened all day must wait till you put your stuff down and acknowledge that you are glad to be there.

3.  Think in terms of solutions not problems. Every situation has a solution. My washer really is broken. The hard part was getting the washer to think it had finished the cycle and unlocking the door so I could get the soaking wet, soapy towels out! The easy part was a trip to the Laundromat. Solutions not problems. When you start thinking about solutions the problems get less. They become manageable. When things are manageable we have less stress. Am I upset over a broken washer? No. It just means I get to go to the Laundromat for a few weeks and quietly sit and watch the clothes get clean. It is very peaceful at the Laundromat.

4.  You can be happy every day. Happiness is a state of mind. Decide to be happy regardless of the events. Let go of those things that you don’t want to carry through your day. It is appropriate to be sad for sad things. Just don’t let sadness or upset take over your life. If you are going to make an investment in expending energy and emotion make it worth it and make it happy.Take a moment to let go of stressful events.

5.  When things don’t go as planned take a moment to let go of the stress. Remember to breathe. Breathe in and breathe out. Slowing down in life can bring with it a sense of peace within one’s self. Calm is as contagious as upset. Take a moment to think or not think. You will be surprised how many problems disappear when we learn to let go of them.

Last time I was at the Laundromat is cost $1.25 to wash a load of clothes. Now it is $3.00 for a small load and $5.00 for a large load. I’ll do some price checking at the local Laundromats. I’ll get a quote on fixing the washing machine and check the cost of a new one. What will be my best solution? The accountant in me will lean toward the most cost effective solution. In the meantime, I’ll continue to spend a quiet, peaceful hour at the Laundromat on Saturday mornings with no dogs barking and no phones ringing. Satisfied that my clothes are clean. Peace of Mind… Guaranteed.

Copyright © 2009 Ellen Brockway