Let There Be Peace in the World

Missions in life start with a vision. Prayers for Peace started with a vision of peace and healing throughout the world. It was born out of a sense of hopelessness in a present moment, shifting into a determination to remain hopeful. It was fulfilling a need, a desire to make life more meaningful. Prayers for Peace is a daily choosing to send the energy of peace out into the world.

Imagine Peace spreading around the globe as the rays of the sun rise above the horizon touching the earth in ever expanding light. That peaceful light continues to spread and expand without fading as day turns to night. It continues to layer peace upon peace with each rotation of the earth.

The truth of peace is that it is more than a word. It is a practice, a way of being. It has a special feeling attached to it that is unique to each of us. We each see peace in a different light. For some it is the lack of war. For others it is complete fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Some find peace only in death, as perceived by those left behind. And some don’t seek it and don’t want it. For all it is blend of many aspects. True peace is an experience that can be experienced by all.

When Prayers for Peace are Needed Most
It’s the times when things are at their least peaceful that peace is needed the most. When praying for peace feels the hardest, prayers for peace are needed. Those are the times to keep praying. Keep praying when it looks like peace will never be achieved. Keep praying when all the previous prayers seem to have been for no good use. Focus on the feeling of peace regardless of how the surrounding world looks.

The words of a prayer are least effective when they are empty. They have an equally non-peaceful impact when there is an element of desperation attached to them. Desperation evokes a feeling of helplessness. Desperation can be turned into a feeling of determination and hope that peace will prevail. Look away from hopelessness and toward hope. Where one’s focus resides is where one’s experience unfolds.

Fighting for Peace is Not Practicing Peace
There is something very noble sounding in fighting for something. If we are fighting for it, it must be worthy. If we are fighting for it, it must be good. The very essence of the word, fighting, carries with it aspects of harm and destruction. In fighting, there is no peace. Aspects of peace can be reached through a truce. Truces are not reached through fighting. They are reached when all sides are exhausted by the fighting.

In order to have peace, fighting must cease to exist. For the two cannot reside in the same space. They are conflicting vibrations. Speaking words of peace in anger or desperation negates the effects that peace evokes. Maintaining peace requires holding the feeling of, the vibration of, peace. Peace starts with the peace that comes from within. It is the laying down of the sword and picking up Divine Love.

May We Be the Path of Peace.
A prayer for peace can be quite complicated or as simple as “Let there be peace in the world. Amen.” It is not the words that matter most. It is the feeling. Focus on what feels peaceful. Evoking the feeling of peace is what brings peace into the world. It starts with where we are now.

May we all meet on the path of peace.
May we all have the energy of happiness and the causes of happiness.
May we all have the energy of peace and the causes of peace.
May we all have the energy of love and the causes of love.
So Be It.