Less Stress Without Worry!

005Stress is one of those things in life that is something that you can never actually touch. When we have stress, we can feel it. We can see stress in ourselves and in others. Stress is relieved or intensified by how we choose to deal with it. Stress can be devastating to our health during a difficult illness or other trauma. Stress is good when we are healing or building up our strength and endurance.

Stress is a Matter of Perspective

Worrying about things that might happen is an essential skill for people who implement computer systems for a living. I have a nice long checklist of things that can go wrong converting data and implementing a system. I don’t worry about them anymore. I have a list of what to do if those things do happen. Something new always has a way of cropping up. We always find a successful way to resolve any issue that has ever come up. For anything you have ever worried about, that actually happened and you have handled successfully, you no longer have to worry about it happening again. You already know what to do if it does.

My Dad taught me how to reduce stress I created for myself by not worrying about emergencies that might happen. I like how he dealt with stress and have adopted several of his methods for dealing with stress. He never seemed to be stressed out about anything. Living with Advanced Parkinson’s Disease probably had something to do with that. He wasn’t ever worried about things that he could take care of. He simply took care of them as they came up. He did not worry or get stressed out over things that hadn’t happened. He was exceptionally good at putting things in place to deal with the things that did happen to reduce the chances of them happening again. He was always very matter of fact about answering all my stressed out questions regarding his health and safety and always responded that it was not a problem, he was not worried, and he could take care of it.

One of my biggest worries regarding his safety over the years was connected to the potential of his falling and splitting his head open without me there to help, being 1,000 miles away. I continued to worry about him falling. He said it wasn’t a problem… and it wasn’t. We were out for one of our main annual visits with him and I found a six month old ambulance bill on his desk. He had fallen and split his head open. By the time I found out about it, it was healed and in the past. I had spent the previous six months being worried about something that might happen, that had already happened, and he had taken care of when it did happen. I gave up worrying. It was a waste of time. He didn’t even tell me when it did happen, so I wouldn’t worry.

All that good worry time was wasted! I joined him in telling others not to worry about him falling. The health care workers really loved to hear that! Over the years, my Dad had many preventative measures built into his home to reduce falls and prevent injuries from happening. They couldn’t argue with him about that.

Any emergency that comes up in life gets handled. Worrying about something that might happen places needless stress in our lives. When the thing we are worried about doesn’t happen, we have worried for nothing. The interesting thing about emergencies is that in the process of taking care of the emergency, there usually isn’t any time to worry about it.