Invoke Divine Love in Difficult Relationships

Divine Love is a powerful healing vibration. It is a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. It is the sword we can pull to defend and heal ourselves and those around us. As with all things, Divine Love requires one to invoke and practice to become more familiar with it. It takes practice to make something a conditioned response. We are well conditioned in the use of Fear as a response to protect ourselves with. Fear does not get us to where we would like to be. Divine Love is the doorway that Fear seeks to keep closed.

This prayer is beneficial for, but not limited to, all those trapped in emotionally or physically abusive relationships in whatever shape or form it appears in their life. It applies to the abuser and the abused equally as both are trapped in the same relationship and to all those who have witnessed those relationships and know not how to help. We help others best by helping ourselves.

Invoke Divine Love Prayer

I invoke the light of Divine Love and am guided by that light.
May the strength of Divine Love dissolve all our fears and the fears of those around us.
May we all experience a life of joy and peace.

This prayer takes less than a minute. It is most effective spoken out loud three times with increasing intensity. Notice any lightness in your body and expand that feeling. Then go on with your day. Repeat as often as remembered.

Take a moment each day to think well of yourself and others. Wish each other well regardless of events and circumstances. May we all be with peace in every moment.

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