Inner Peace Practice Tool Tip 1

Relax and set aside any worries for a moment. You can pick them up again following this exercise. Imagine your being is expanding out around you. In this imaginary space around you imagine little hearts floating all around you. They are in front of you, above you, behind you, below you. The can be randomly placed or in a pattern, whatever way they appear is ok.

In this space you can put whatever you like that evokes a feeling of love and joy. You could put little flowers, candies, balloons, little white poodles, anything really that has a meaning of love for you.

Hold this vision and the feeling of love and seeing this image surrounding you. It is within you, it is around you. Everything that you touch is touched by this feeling of love. You can do this while you are working, playing, relaxing. You can do this by yourself and in the company of others.

Notice what happens, unfolds, materializes in your outer world.