Inner Peace: 3 Simple Steps to Be With Peace in Every Moment

Finding peace in every moment is simple but not always easy. The hard part of living in peace is not finding peace but staying in it. To be with peace in every moment, you have to practice the experience of peace. You have to practice peace more than once.

The more you practice peace, the longer you will be able to maintain a peaceful feeling as you go through your day. A lot happens in a day. Every moment of every day gives you a new opportunity to respond in a peaceful way.

Peace is a choice. It is not a destination. It is not the journey. It is how you respond to the journey. The journey through life can be anything you want it to be. The choice is yours and yours alone. That choice can be to choose a path of peace or a path of turmoil.

What about all the things that happen in a day that are upsetting? Another driver cuts you off on the way to work. Your boss lands on you for something a co-worker did. You get a flat tire on the way home from work. You stop at the store and forget to pick up a key ingredient for dinner. You walk in the door, so relieved to be home, and are greeted with everyone’s complaints for the day. It never ends. It never gets better. Where is the peace in all that?

Maintaining peace within yourself when the world around you looks and feels like it is spinning out of control requires you to take three simple actions.

First, Listen to your thoughts and feelings as you react to every moment of the day. You will find very quickly that every moment has very clear choice points where you make a choice about what you think and feel about that moment.

Second, Decide how you want to act in that moment. What is really important now? Is it what the other person or event is doing? Or is it what you are doing? You are important to you. No matter how much you care for or about others, it is your thoughts, your feelings and your opinions that you live with every moment of every day. How do you want to be? Upset? Peaceful?

Third, Take the peaceful action. It is one thing to wish things were peaceful and quite another to take peaceful action. Peace requires less effort and energy than anger and upset.

Extend understanding to the driver that cuts you off on the road. Open communication with co-workers to resolve conflict before it starts. Be the pillar of calm for your family. You have the choice to practice peace by acting with peace. Only then will you be with peace in every moment.

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