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Be With Peace is devoted to offering useful information for living with peace in your life. In order to be with peace in each moment of the day, you need to practice peace in each moment of the day.

Be With PeacePeace is not something that comes to you from outside yourself. Peace is not something that is given to you by others or found in the events and circumstances of your life. Peace comes from within. Peace is always with you as a part of who you are. It is your choice to practice peace from one moment to the next.

Practices that allow you to let peace surface in your life often seem that they came from somewhere else. They don’t. They come from within you. It is from your perception and experience in the circumstances that you allow peace to surface in that moment. You can choose to have more moments in your life when you allow peace to reside in that moment.

My mother used to tell me “It’s all in your mind.” Of all the things that she said to me over the many years of our turbulent relationship, that is the one statement that most often surfaces in my thoughts at seemingly odd moments. We, she and I, were at peace with our relationship. Where peace is concerned, it resides not only in your mind but in your heart. The beginning of the path to rediscovering peace in your heart often starts in your mind with the thoughts you have toward peace. Thinking about what peace means to you and then how and when you feel peace in your life can allow you to expand the presence of peace in your daily life.

Peace is something you choose to practice. This website explores the discovery of practicing peace in every moment of every day. Make peace a habit in your daily life.

Ellen Brockway is an author, healer, and transition facilitator for horse and pet owners facing financial challenges intent on keeping the things they love in their life. With a passion for what makes things tick and a reputation for being unflappable, she used the strategies she learned on her own inner journey to fall in love with her life again, discover lasting inner peace, and keep her animals in her life.

Backed by twenty plus years of business systems consulting and process analysis experience assisting mid-market corporations in multiple industries, Ellen developed “Your Personal Treasure M.A.P.-C.P.R. for Succe$$™ to get unstuck and turn her own life around. Her programs include money management basics, practicing peace in daily living, and assistance identifying and clearing beliefs and fears that suck the joy out of life.

Ellen’s clients say she can see the forest and the trees, guiding them to see the big picture beyond present moment challenges. She enables them to have more confidence, make better decisions, and have more enjoyment in life. She enjoys helping people help themselves to a happier, easier life.

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For Your Peaceful Journey!
Ellen Brockway and The Be With Peace Team